Anthony Mills

Aquanaut, brewer, circuit bender, code monkey, certified ScrumMaster and all round open source advocate.

About Anthony Mills

Being a child of the 1980's I was lucky enough at the age of 9 to receive my very first computer! A Commodore 64C as the months passed I quickly got bored by the games that came with the computer and started to dabble in code. The first few years with my new toy mainly consisted of writing simple programs and games in CBM basic. Mainly learning by reading any computer related magazines I could get my hands on and pulling apart code written by others. CBM Basic was a good first language but my applications were starting to get bigger and performance was becoming an issue so after being motivated by the demo scene of the time, I moved on to straight 6502 assembly.

The years past, but my love of technology didn't die! Fast-forward to the present day, I am all grown up and live in the Southern suburbs of Sydney. Over the years I have been fortunate enough to work on a great variety of projects with countless talented developers. I have administered Linux and Unix based systems for 14 years now along with writing code to earn my keep for the last 12 years. My main area of focus has been working as a PHP developer the LAMP stack, but I love playing with all new technologies and am constantly starting new projects outside my day job to expand my skillset.

Beyond writing code I spend my free time on various electronic projects, the never ending quest to brew the perfect beer and exploring the subaquatic depths.....

If you would like to know more about my professional experience feel free to get in contact or connect with me on LinkedIn.

Quick Stats

  • Desktop OS: Linux Mint 20.3 Cinnamon
  • Phone platform of choice: Android
  • Current phone: Google Pixel
  • Phone ROM of the moment: CyanogenMod
  • Server distro of choice: Debian
  • Gadget of the moment: Raspberry Pi 4 running Kali Linux
  • Currently working on mastering: AWS CDK
  • Favourite new technology: IPFS
  • Years coding: 16 professionally
Hello world at the Linux command line

Technical Skills

Object Orientated PHP
Amazon Web Services ( AWS )
Vanila Javascript
Linux Sytems Administration
General Network Administration

Current Certifications

AWS Certified Developer Associate
ScrumAlliance - Certified ScrumMaster
Certified ScrumMaster
AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate
Solutions Architect
AWS Certified Sysops Administrator
SysOps Administrator
AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
Cloud Practitioner
AWS Security Specialty
Security Specialty

Past Projects

Car computer thumbnail
Nomadic Pi

Open source car computer built on the Raspberry Pi platform.

  Nomadic Pi website
Diver Dan thumbnail
Diver Dan

Fast paced underwater action game designed for mobile devices.

NSW Marine Life mobile app thumbnail
NSW Marine Life

Mobile field guide describing the marine creatures that inhabit the coastal waters of NSW.

NSW Marine Life on Google Play
ScubaBrain mobile app thumbnail

Mobile application on Android and IOS platforms for scuba divers that are planning a dive using enriched oxygen (Eanx / Nitrox) mixes.

ScubaBrain on Google Play
Sydney Happy Hour thumbnail
Sydney Happy Hour

Mobile application allowing people to locate nearby bars offering discounted drinks in Sydney.

Elemetal game thumbnail

Webgame developed over 48 hours for the JS48 Episode Webjam.

 Play Now!
Google Places Library thumbnail
Google Places

PHP wrapper class for the Google Places API.

Lifeguard Application thumbnail
Lifeguard Prototype

POC iPhone application built to aid the family healthcare management for the South East Asian market.

Wordpress S3 video thumbnail
S3 Video

Wordpress plugin allowing the streaming of video hosted with Amazon S3 service.

Sydney Happy Hour thumbnail
Sydney Happy Hour (website)

The Sydney Happy Hour website is dedicated to helping people Sydney locate the cheapest drinks.

Daemon Watch thumbnail
Daemon Watch

Zend framework application for monitoring the status of services.

DSD Camila Game thumbnail
DSD Camila

HTML5 browser based Flappy Bird clone.

 Play Now!
Fiat Sales Tool thumbnail
Fiat iPad Sales Tool

Mobile sales tool created for the 2012 Tokyo motorshow.

Santa Sprint Game thumbnail
Santa Sprint

Christmas themed endless runner web game.

 Play Now!
Renting NY thumbnail

Video portal giving tips and advice to apartment seekers in New York City.

Event Planner thumbnail
Event Planner POC

Event management application produced for a large Singapore based conference facility.

Kenny Cockroach thumbnail
Kenny Cockroach

Browser based game produced over a 48 hour period for the Ludum Dare #38 game jam.

Check it out on Github
 Play Now!
Coin Captain thumbnail
Coin Captain

Android mobile application for keeping track of the cryptocurrency markets.

Coin Captain on Google Play
CryptoCoaster thumbnail
Crypto Coaster

Procedurally generated browser based side scroller created using real life Bitcoin news and market data.

 Check it out on Github
 Play Now!

Contact Anthony

If you have a project that needs building, a question or simply just want to say hello. I can be reached through any of the below methods. - For secure communication my PGP key can be found here