Kenny Cockroach

Built in April 2017 over a weekend for the Ludum Dare #38 game jam using the PhaserJS framework. Run over a 48 hour time frame the competition provided the designated theme "A Small World" given to entrants the start time.

If the challenge of building a game from scratch over 48 hours is not enough. Ludum Dare offers a "Compo mode" requiring all games including the sound effects and graphics be made by a solo developer in the 48 hour times frame. With the source code publically released to the community at the end of the build phase.

Doing so much in such a short time frame is a great exercise. As a developer it really forces you to think about every thing going on and think out your approach. You do not have the luxury of spending all day on drawing a beautiful player sprite or getting bogged down in minutiae. If something is not working you are forced to rethink your approach due to the time constraints of the competition.

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